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Hemshri Syrup

A Non -Hormonal Tonic for feminine care & beauty.
  • Hemshri is Comprehensive formula to combat Menstrual Disrder
  • Hemshri is a promising formula to restore balances between Endocrine,Neutritional & Emotional status of the body in cases of Irregular cycles, Secondary Ammenorrhoea,Pre and post menstrual Symptoms,Dysmenorrhoae and Menopausal syndrome
  • Satavar calms ,nourishes and purifies female hormonal and reproductive system ,is rich in phyto-estrogens to normalize estrogen levels.
  • Asgandha a populary known Nervine tonic and sedative which balances emotional  factors.
  • Lothra and Manjistha  averts uterine hemorrhages and optimizes abdominal and clear toxicity,purify blood and also work as Antiseptic.
  • Gokhru is a tested diuretic tones up kidney functions.
Hemshri with many more other ingradients take complete care of Feminine health.

Shri Kalpa Capsules

SHRI KALPA CAPSULE restores the normal P.H. of the vaginal cannal by virtue of its antibacterial effect and astringent action on vaginal cannal, cervix, utrus and fallopian tube thus reduces the vaginal discharge. Ashoka in Shri Kalpa provides as an astringent and uterine sedative. This also arrests hemorrhage and abnormal secretion. Packing: 8 Capsules per Dibbi.