Baljiwan Ghutti


Calcium and iron rich tonic for growing children. Corrects teething problems, strengthens bones and optimize haemoglobin, sharpens mind, corrects stomach related problems.

Size : 100ml

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Eaarna ch 5ml. contains aqua extract of

Swarna patri (Casia angustifolia)
Argbadha (Casia fistulia )
Banafsa (Viola odorata )
Tankan (Sodii biboras )
Slesamantaka (Cordia Dichotorna )
Misreya (Anethum sowa )
Satapushpa (Foeniculum vulgare )
Haritaki (Terminalia chebula )
Draksha (Krishna) (Vitisviniferavar Nigram )
Nil Kamal (Nymphaea stellita )

Sugar sufficient to make 5ml.

57.14 mg.
171.42 mg.
71.42 mg.
371.42 mg.
71.42 mg.
71.42 mg.
71.42 mg.
114.28 mg.
142.85 mg.
71.42 mg.

Three times a day or as prescribed by Physician.

1day-3 months
3-6 months
6-12 months
1-3 years
3-10 years

5 drops
10 drops
20 drops
1 tsf
2 tsf

Upto 6 months with mother milk
For teething problems rub with the help of fingure 3 times a day
In case of general problems or diarrhea with double the qty.of water
In case of constipation double the Ghutti and mix with 3 times qty. of lukewarm water.
Use original Baljiwan Ghutti available in various pickings

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