Hemshri Syrup


A Non -Hormonal Tonic for feminine care & beauty.

  • Hemshri is Comprehensive formula to combat Menstrual Disrder
  • Hemshri is a promising formula to restore balances between Endocrine,Neutritional & Emotional status of the body in cases of Irregular cycles, Secondary Ammenorrhoea,Pre and post menstrual Symptoms,Dysmenorrhoae and Menopausal syndrome
  • Satavar calms ,nourishes and purifies female hormonal and reproductive system ,is rich in phyto-estrogens to normalize estrogen levels.
  • Asgandha a populary known Nervine tonic and sedative which balances emotional  factors.
  • Lothra and Manjistha  averts uterine hemorrhages and optimizes abdominal and clear toxicity,purify blood and also work as Antiseptic.
  • Gokhru is a tested diuretic tones up kidney functions.

Hemshri with many more other ingradients take complete care of Feminine health.

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Dosage: Syrup -10- 15 ML. THRICE A DAY

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